News Update

I finished the car at the end of 1998 after 8 years of financing and slowly building. After only 2000 miles, I was involved in an accident which I was powerless to avoid. This damaged the chassis and suspension. After a lengthy insurance claim, I started again with a new chassis and suspension. The chassis has 1994 front wide track suspension with the new 1999 watts linkage rear suspension. I have gone for cycle wings instead of flared. New gearbox, radiator, petrol tank and pump. Also changed the tyres to CR500 and increased the rear wheel size to 8 inch. Fitting a Stack ST500R Tach Timer (see Technical tips) added a nice touch to the end result.

The Photos on this web site were taken before the accident.
New car photos to come.

The Crash

My New Chassis being made at Arch Motors


My new rebuilt car